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Satinder Bajwa (Satinder Bajwa ("Baj"): President of Complete Sports Solutions

Satinder Bajwa, has been involved with squash at the highest levels for over 30 years. Bajwa has experienced success in every aspect of the game. Most notably, as the Director of Squash at Harvard University (1999-2010), promoter of the Super Series Squash Finals held at London's Broadgate Arena (1996-2006) and as a manager and mentor of the 8-time World Champion - Jansher Khan - throughout his glittering career.

Complete Sports Solutions (CSS) was founded by Bajwa in 2000 primarily to manage and promote Complete Squash Camps (CSC) at Harvard and to oversee promotions and marketing of his marquee "Super Series Squash Finals" in London, UK. Currently CSS is a boutique sports marketing firm focusing on developmental aspects of the sport. To that end Bajwa has contributed to community programs such as Kidsquash in USA and the founding of Khelshala in India.

In addition, Bajwa dedicates his spare time to ensuring the sustainability of Khelshala in India while consulting and providing advisory services to expand grassroots participation of life sports such as squash, tennis and golf.

  Contact Number - (617) 491-3234